Asset Assessment

Wetlands are used for the treatment of wastewaters all around the globe. Historically they were used informally but today we see engineered constructed wetland systems designed to receive and treat water to highly specified standards. These systems require some maintenance as they mature and occasionally some refurbishment. Often a client may inherit a reed bed treatment system as part of a property or a business and have little knowledge of how they operate, or of what condition they are in.

Global Wetland Technology draws on design and operating experience from all around the world and across applications to provide unsurpassed asset assessment capability. This includes:

Assessment of the actual system including the condition of

  • Reeds
  • Media
  • Distribution/collection systems
  • Splitter chambers
  • Level control devices
  • Pumps/siphons
  • Effluent and sludge levels across the system
  • Review of system design and size against expected loads and discharge requirements.
  • Performance review based on supplied data
  • Recommendations for performance enhancement through;
    • remedial action
    • operational changes
    • refurbishment
    • Indicative costs
  • Indicative costs

Asset assessment by Global Wetland Technology is not limited to wetland or natural wastewater treatment systems. We have a broad understanding of wastewater treatment technologies and can assess other, more mechanical systems as well.