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Construction and Commissioning

Wetland treatment systems are unique in many ways and this applies also to construction methods and techniques. Comprehensive construction drawings are provided with design but clearly Global Wetland Technology has wide-ranging experience in system installation and commissioning all over the world. This includes the selection, sourcing and checking of suitable material grades, construction programme development, the mitigation of climate issues as well as bespoke construction techniques and skills. Our cumulative years of civil construction experience around the globe gives us, and hence our clients, confidence in delivering a robust, effective, low maintenance treatment solution.

Commissioning is a key stage in the life of a project and our experience allows us to evaluate commissioning performance quickly, spot potential issues and identify remedies rapidly. Post commissioning support either through multi-media linksor site visits ensures ongoing achievement of required performance.

This allows Global Wetland Technology to provide clients with continuity of service from project conception through feasibility, design, construction, commissioning, asset operation, asset management and/or maintenance.