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Rotaria do Brasil


Rotária was founded in 2002 and now has over 50 employees with companies in both Brazil and Peru and partner Rotaria Energie und Umwelttechnik in Germany. It offers sanitation services covering a wide range of technologies and has worked on huge installations all over South America.

Rotária has designed over 200 sewage treatment plants for towns of up to 75 000 inhabitants and has extensive experience in applying wetlands to complement other technologies and integrating treatment wetlands into the local landscape.

Areas of specific expertise:

  • Vertical flow treatment wetlands
  • Sludge treatment wetlands
  • Sequencing batch reactors
  • Biogas
  • Online monitoring

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The GWT contact for Rotária do Brasil is Christoph Platzer. Graduating with his PhD in 1997, Christoph has had a long career in water and sanitation. He was a partner at AKUT Umweltschutz Partner in Germany for 9 years before becoming their Latin American representative and CEO of Rotária do Brasil and m2m service company, KomveX.

Christoph 2020

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Rotária do Brasil

Rua Teodoro Manoel Dias, 421

Santo Antônio de Lisboa



+55 (48) 3234-3164






GWT events @ ICWS2022




7/11  9am  Anacleto Rizzo   (Keynote)

Wetland community expertise in the new Nature-Based Solution and Circular Economy vision: links and new research and design trends


7/11  10.40am  Dion van Oirschot

MULTISOURCE: Aerated wetland treating black and grey water for reuse at campsite Belgium


07/11   11:40am  Heike Hoffman

The potential of the French Wetland System for reuse - Results of a long-term project in the Peruvian arid coast area


7/11  4pm Heike Hoffman

Operational experiences with a sludge treatment wetland as part of a municipal WWTP in Brazil


7/11  4.30pm Fabio Masi

Water Projects Europe: NICE / MULTISOURCE


9/11  2pm Steen Nielsen

Treatment of industrial sludge in a pilot Sludge Treatment Wetland planted with Phragmites australis and Schenoplectus californicus


9/11  2pm Riccardo Bresciani

Reed beds for drying sludge from a winery wastewater treatment plant in Spain: the WETWINE project


9/11   4.40pm  Taxiarchis Seintos

Application of a full-scale UASB and two-stage constructed wetland system for water reclamation and nutrient recycling of domestic wastewater in arid areas


9/11  5pm Simos Malamis

Investigation of the use of different filling materials in unsaturated vertical flow constructed wetlands for the treatment of UASB effluent from domestic wastewater

T. Seintos, E. Statiris, F. Masi, C. Noutsopoulos, S. Malamis


9/11 5pm Scott Wallace

Practical aspects in the determination of first-order removal rate coefficients (k) for horizontal flow treatment wetlands


10/11 11.20am Fabio Masi

Electroactive and intensified pilot-scale constructed wetlands for the treatment of high loads of septic tank effluent


10/11 2.20pm Alain Petitjean

Intensified French Treatment Wetlands - Influence of operating parameters on nitrogen removal


10/11 4pm  Andy Freeman

Treatment of de-icer contaminated runoff at a UK airport using intensified Nature Based Solutions - A 10-year operational performance review



P4: Coupling French Reed Bed and Short Rotation Plantation for developing circular economy of wastewater in India: A case of PAVITR prototype / Anacleto Rizzo

P39: Constructed wetlands for the treatment of combined sewer overflow upstream of centralised wastewater treatment plants / Chiara Sarti