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Feasibility Studies

Wastewaters can be very diverse and though some, such as municipal effluent, are well characterised, others can contain unique contaminants. In determining the feasibility of a project it is clearly necessary to review the nature and volume of the wastewater to establish treatment strategies, but it is also important to consider other factors such as the required discharge levels, the site conditions, local climate issues, available area, environmental impact, construction issues and costs.

Global Wetland Technology has widespread application and design experienceoftreatment wetland systems around the world. This provides us with an unrivalled knowledge of the capability of natural wastewater treatment systems.

Global wetland Technology can offer this extensive experience to clients, who are reviewing wastewater treatment options, in the form of a feasibility study. We can advise clients on the propriety of using a wetland treatment system, indicative sizes, capital and operational costs and comparisons to other technologies. This provides the client with the confidence that they are moving forward with the most appropriate cost and technically effective wastewater treatment solution.