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 Rietland, since it's start in 1994 has been building and constructing treatment wetlands. Dion van Oirschot, founder and still the owner of the company, combined his technology background from the University of Technology Eindhoven with his passion for the environment. Since it's foundation, several hundreds of projects were realised in the Netherlands and Belgium. Initially the emphasis was on treatment of domestic wastewater of remote homes, treatment of dairy farm wastewater and waste water treatment for ecological housing projects. Also several systems were built for Water Boards aiming at nutrient removal from surface and drainage water. This way Rietland has gained experience with several types of treatment wetlands, each with their own strong points.

Especially the vertical flow wetland was developed by Rietland into a robust, compact and efficient system for waste water purification. In 2009 this development culminated in a milestone when Rietland was the first and still only European firm that has a CE attest conforming to the European norm EN 12566/3. Also we worked on a number of educational projects for schools and parks in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We also designed and built several systems for the industry, treating several types of wastewater and storm water and currently also agricultural projects for treatment of the liquid fraction of swine manure. In cooperation with Naturally Wallace Consulting, the first aerated wetlands based on the Forced Bed Aeration ® technology were constructed on the European mainland. A project that stands out here is the Badboot, a floating swimming pool in Antwerp.

Dion van Oirschot, owner of Rietland, started his career at De Twaalf Ambachten, a center for alternative technology in Boxtel the Netherlands. He wrote several guides for owner built systems and a co-authored a booklet with Sietz Leeflang: "Hoe het ook zonder riool kan" (How to do without sewerage). After starting his own firm, being the first firm specializing in treatment wetlands in the Netherlands, he has devoted his professional career to finding ecological solutions for waste water problems. His extensive knowledge and practical experience with these systems have made him an expert in implementation of treatment wetlands. His greatest strength is his creativity and versatility in taking on technical challenges.

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