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Friday, 23 February 2018 17:14

Hapimag Pentolina

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Friday, 26 June 2015 16:14

Castelluccio di Norcia

Castelluccio is one of the best hotspot of Central Italy, with its spellbound village and the great plateaus at 1400 m a.s.l. in the Sibillini mountain park. The new Constructed Wetland will treat the wastewater of Castelluccio village and tourism facilities, that progressively shift from less than 50 persons during winter up to 1000 or more persons during summer. The current treatment plant is inadequate to support this great variation. The new multistage CW system is constituted by a French scheme system of 1800 m2 followed by two parallel free water-pond system as polishing stage and recreational amenity (the pond will hold several rare aquatic plants typical of the Castelluccio plateau).

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Thursday, 19 June 2014 13:18

Nègrepelisse 4000-6000 p.e.

One of the largest and most efficient wastewater treatment plant with french system reed bed filter in France.

Nominal capacity : 4000 p.e. with an extension to 6000 p.e. 

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014 15:04

St Affrique les Montagnes


Wastewater treatment plant for 1200 p.e. at St-Affrique-les-Montagne, south west of France (Tarn), with 1 vertical flow reed bed combined with a surface flow polishing treatment

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Friday, 19 April 2013 20:37


At Escurolles, in central France (Allier), a reed bed fed with raw sewage assures primary and secondary treatment for 705 PE , followed by a tricking filter for polishing and nitrification 

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013 20:52

Fontenoy la Joute

A vertical flow reed bed (French system) and a vegetated polishing zone (surface flow wetland)  treating 117m3/d of domestic effluent from a village with variable population

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Saturday, 16 February 2013 12:18


20 years old French system serving 200 p.e. in the Lyon area

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Saturday, 16 February 2013 10:53

Les Breviaires, La Grange du Bois


Beautiful two stage French system treating the wastewater of a hamlet in the outskirts of Paris

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Friday, 15 February 2013 20:14



Wastewater treatment plant for 1250 p.e., in a very touristic site in the south of France, separative sewerage system, constructed in 1998.

“French sytem” treating raw unsettled sewage in a 2 stage vertical flow reed bed filter without electricity

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Thursday, 22 November 2012 17:15

Orhei municipality - Moldova

The Orhei Constructed Wetland treatment plant, the biggest secondary treatment entirely based on CWs in the world

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