Pig Farm S.A.S.A. Srl - Roveré Veronese (VR)

FBA_TM + reverse ormosis - up to 3000 pigs.
The aerated constructed wetland plant treats the swine wastewater produced by the pig farm situed in San Rocco di Piegara (Roverè Veronese - VR - Italy). The treatment plant was designed by IRIDRA in collaboration with Rietland Agro (ing. Dion Van Oirschot) and NaturallyWallace (ing. Scott Wallace) and is under construction. The CW treatment plant use the FBA™ (Forced Bed Aeration™) technology to aerate the beds, increasing the treatment efficiencies and reducing the requested area. The CW treatment plant is designed to treat the swine wastewater produced by up to 3000 pigs (38 m3/d)

Additional Info

  • Hydraulic load: m³/day
  • Organic load (PE): PE
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