Pilot Scale Treatment Investigation

Sources of wastewater and waste sludge requiring treatment are many and varied. The most abundant is municipal wastewater which is very well characterised and its treatment thoroughly understood. Other wastewater types, however, including industrial process water, run off, ground water and leachates, can vary significantly in composition and loading from site to site both locally and globally. Unless there is adequate historical treatment information available then a pilot scale treatment investigation is required to establish the most technically and cost effective method of treatment.

Global Wetland Technologyhas experience of running pilot scale treatment investigations on wastewaters from a broad range of sources from oil companies to winerys and in extreme locations ranging from the tundra in northern Canada to the deserts of Oman.

This knowledge enables us to provide clients with optimised treatment process designs, accurate scaling up factors, treatment rates and definitive performance predictions without the significant risk and cost to the client of full scale plant construction.