Research Projects

Increased awareness of global environmental issues such as climate change and resource management has led to demand for engineering solutions which are more resource sustainable and which have lower carbon footprints. Compared to the more mechanical wastewater treatment methods, wetlands compare very favourably in these respects, hence we are seeing an increased interest in their use. They are being applied more widely in the industrial sectors in particular and we are finding an ever increasing range of contaminants treatable with these systems.

The members of Global Wetland Technology have been at the leading edge of research and development into wetland treatment technology for many years developing new systems to enhance and increase mechanisms of action to remove a broader range of contaminants. We operate research facilities ourselves but also have close contacts with leading academic research institutions around the world.

Research projects inevitably arise from the specific problems or requirements of users and Global Wetland Technology is eager, and able, to work closely with our clients to develop treatment wetland technology to match their requirements. Through feasibility studies, pilot scale treatment investigations and contract research our experience allows us to develop research project programmes which deliver answers that then drive design development to match the requirements of clients.