St Affrique les Montagnes


Wastewater treatment plant for 1200 p.e. at St-Affrique-les-Montagne, south west of France (Tarn), with 1 vertical flow reed bed combined with a surface flow polishing treatment

Two stages reed bed filters fed with raw sewage have become very popular in France for the treatment of wastewater in rural areas. In St-Affrique-les-Montagnes a cost effective solution has to be found while achieving high outlet quality standards.

Additional Info

  • In operation since: 2009
  • Type of wastewater treated: Domestic
  • Type of wastewater (other): domestic
  • Hydraulic load: 645 m³/day
  • Organic load (PE): 1200 PE
  • Organic design load (kg BOD/day): 72
  • Location: St-Affrique-les-Montagnes, Departement of Tarn, France
  • Client: St-Affrique-les-Montagnes
  • Stage 1 type: Vertical flow, non-saturated
  • Stage 1 surface area (m²): 1440
  • Needs:

    Cost effective solution with outlet quality guarantees : 60 % yield on BOD5 and COD, 50 % on SS 

  • Solution:

    1 stage vertical flow reed bed filter with a surface flow polishing treatment

  • Benefits:

    Cost effective solution with reduced impact on environment, maintaining the advantages of raw sewage treatment and sludge of the French type reed bed

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