Orelle (French Alps): a 1200 m², vertical flow reed bed (French system) plus a 800 m² second stage unsaturated vertical flow reed bed for domestic effluent under cold climate conditions.


Additional Info

In operation since: 2005

Type of wastewater treated: Domestic

Hydraulic load: 165 m3/d

Organic load (PE): 1000 PE

Organic design load (kg BOD/day): 66

Location : Orelle, Savoie, FRANCE

Client : Town of Orelle

Stage 1 type : Vertical flow reed bed system (French system)

Stage 1 surface area (m²): 1200

Stage 2 type: Vertical flow, unsaturated

Stage 2 surface area (m²): 800 m²

Cost : 350,000.00 €

Designed by SINT / SINBIO


The project was to create a reed bed filter (2 stages) to treat domestic effluent on an old parking area.


Majors design constraints were:

  • High altitude of the project (1000 m) with a long lasting  snow cover,
  • Limited surface area available.



Two stage reed bed filters, fed by pumping flow with recirculation on 1st stage. There is no primary treatment; the raw, only coarse screened sewage is fed directly on the first stage beds with storage of filtered dried and mineralized solids on the surface of the beds for at least 10 years.

 Because of cold temperature, 2nd stage is by-pass during winter to avoid freezing.



This solution allows high quality of treatment of water during summer and winter seasons. Maintenance activity is minimal compared to intensive solutions.



Additional Info

  • Hydraulic load: m³/day
  • Organic load (PE): PE
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