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Saint Thibaud de Couz

Recirculated vertical flow French system for 800 p.e. with polishing in a "natural" horizontal flow wetland 

Municipality «  ST THIBAUD DE COUZ»  Savoie (73)

Wastewater treatment plant for 800 p.e., domestic sewage, separative sewerage system, constructed in 2003

Designed by SINT/SINBIO

“French sytem” treating raw unsettled sewage in a vertical flow reed recirulating filter (3 * 323 m²),  followed by a horizontal flow filter using onsite turf soil (3194 m2).

Additional Info

  • Type of wastewater treated: Domestic
  • Needs:

    The town of St. Thibauld de Couz, in the Savoie Region,  had to construct its new wastewater treatment plant in an old marshland with turf soils

  • Solution:

    The most stable part of the terrain was transformed into a recirculating French vertical flow filter, fed directly by a pumping station.  The remaining area was just terrassed and the local turf soil used for a tertiairy horizontal filtration in order to achieve a very high level of treatment before discharging into the Lake Bourget catchment  

  • Benefits:

    The use of local turf soil for tertiary treatment without any plastic lining proved to be a very cost efficient solution to polish the water before discharge. In summer, there is zero suface water discharge.  The vertical flow recirculating filters have been monitored scientifically :

    Prost-Boucle S.. Molle P. (2010). Recirculation on a single stage of vertical flow constructed wetland: treatment limits and operation modes. Ecological Engineering 43 (2012) 81–  84

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GWT events @ ICWS2022




7/11  9am  Anacleto Rizzo   (Keynote)

Wetland community expertise in the new Nature-Based Solution and Circular Economy vision: links and new research and design trends


7/11  10.40am  Dion van Oirschot

MULTISOURCE: Aerated wetland treating black and grey water for reuse at campsite Belgium


07/11   11:40am  Heike Hoffman

The potential of the French Wetland System for reuse - Results of a long-term project in the Peruvian arid coast area


7/11  4pm Heike Hoffman

Operational experiences with a sludge treatment wetland as part of a municipal WWTP in Brazil


7/11  4.30pm Fabio Masi

Water Projects Europe: NICE / MULTISOURCE


9/11  2pm Steen Nielsen

Treatment of industrial sludge in a pilot Sludge Treatment Wetland planted with Phragmites australis and Schenoplectus californicus


9/11  2pm Riccardo Bresciani

Reed beds for drying sludge from a winery wastewater treatment plant in Spain: the WETWINE project


9/11   4.40pm  Taxiarchis Seintos

Application of a full-scale UASB and two-stage constructed wetland system for water reclamation and nutrient recycling of domestic wastewater in arid areas


9/11  5pm Simos Malamis

Investigation of the use of different filling materials in unsaturated vertical flow constructed wetlands for the treatment of UASB effluent from domestic wastewater

T. Seintos, E. Statiris, F. Masi, C. Noutsopoulos, S. Malamis


9/11 5pm Scott Wallace

Practical aspects in the determination of first-order removal rate coefficients (k) for horizontal flow treatment wetlands


10/11 11.20am Fabio Masi

Electroactive and intensified pilot-scale constructed wetlands for the treatment of high loads of septic tank effluent


10/11 2.20pm Alain Petitjean

Intensified French Treatment Wetlands - Influence of operating parameters on nitrogen removal


10/11 4pm  Andy Freeman

Treatment of de-icer contaminated runoff at a UK airport using intensified Nature Based Solutions - A 10-year operational performance review



P4: Coupling French Reed Bed and Short Rotation Plantation for developing circular economy of wastewater in India: A case of PAVITR prototype / Anacleto Rizzo

P39: Constructed wetlands for the treatment of combined sewer overflow upstream of centralised wastewater treatment plants / Chiara Sarti