Saint Thibaud de Couz

Recirculated vertical flow French system for 800 p.e. with polishing in a "natural" horizontal flow wetland 

Municipality «  ST THIBAUD DE COUZ»  Savoie (73)

Wastewater treatment plant for 800 p.e., domestic sewage, separative sewerage system, constructed in 2003

Designed by SINT/SINBIO

“French sytem” treating raw unsettled sewage in a vertical flow reed recirulating filter (3 * 323 m²),  followed by a horizontal flow filter using onsite turf soil (3194 m2).

Additional Info

  • Type of wastewater treated: Domestic
  • Needs:

    The town of St. Thibauld de Couz, in the Savoie Region,  had to construct its new wastewater treatment plant in an old marshland with turf soils

  • Solution:

    The most stable part of the terrain was transformed into a recirculating French vertical flow filter, fed directly by a pumping station.  The remaining area was just terrassed and the local turf soil used for a tertiairy horizontal filtration in order to achieve a very high level of treatment before discharging into the Lake Bourget catchment  

  • Benefits:

    The use of local turf soil for tertiary treatment without any plastic lining proved to be a very cost efficient solution to polish the water before discharge. In summer, there is zero suface water discharge.  The vertical flow recirculating filters have been monitored scientifically :

    Prost-Boucle S.. Molle P. (2010). Recirculation on a single stage of vertical flow constructed wetland: treatment limits and operation modes. Ecological Engineering 43 (2012) 81–  84

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