Commercial Activity Zone of Bezannes (51 – France)

Bezannes : a 8000 m² artificial pond plus 3500 m² of reed bed filters and 1600 m² of wetlands were created to treat stormwater runoff from a large non-residential area.

Additional Info

In operation since: 2011

Type of wastewater treated: Stormwater (runoff)

Max. Hydraulic load: 15 000 m3

Watershed: 1 720 000 m²

Location : Bezannes, Champagne Ardennes TGV station, FRANCE


Stage 1 type: artificial pond

Stage 1 surface area (m²): 8000

Stage 2 type: reed bed filter

Stage 2 surface area (m²): 3500

Stage 3 type: surface flow wetland

Stage 3 surface area (m²): 1600

Cost: 4,800,000.00 €

Designed by SINBIO


 As part of the creation of the High Speed Train Station of Reims, Reims Métropole issued a call for a project to store and to treat the storm water of this non-residential area. The original project was a concrete tank buried under soil.



 Sinbio’s target was to design an alternative project to minimize the use of concrete and give an added value for landscape, habitat and recreational uses. The proposal was to create three different areas:  a pond, a reed bed filter, and a surface flow wetland. Construction began in 2009 with commissioning in 2011.


Additional Info

  • Hydraulic load: m³/day
  • Organic load (PE): PE
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