treatment wetlands

Global Wetland Technology is a consortium of companies which have been operating for almost 20 years in the Environmental Engineering sector, with particular specialisation in waste water treatment and water pollution control by Constructed Wetlands.

How GWT works

As an organization of select member companies, GWT operates in several different manners.  For large-scale international tenders, GWT members work together so that large multi-national corporations have a “one stop shop” of consolidated knowledge and expertise related to constructed wetland technology.


This collection of 10 companies represents the greatest body of knowledge and breadth of experience in constructed wetland technology. All of the member companies have extensive international projects; collectively GWT has implemented over 1500 wetland treatment systems in 30 different countries.

Where GWT is

GWT comprises 10 specialist wetland technology companies spread over 9 countries and 3 continents. Click "Read more" to see a map indicating GWT member head office locations.