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Don’t miss GWT presentations at this year’s conference:

10th International Symposium

On Wetland Pollutant Dynamics and Control

10 – 14 September 2023 | Bruges, Belgium


Chiara Sarti, Anacleto Rizzo, Riccardo Bresciani, Fabio Masi, Alain Petitjean, Ania Morvannou, Jan Schuetz, Flor Louage, Vaidotas Kisielius and Dr. Jaime Nivala (keynote) will present work which has been authored or co-authored by GWT members.






This collection of 10 companies represents the greatest body of knowledge and breadth of experience in constructed wetland technology. All of the member companies have extensive international projects; collectively GWT has implemented over 1500 wetland treatment systems in 30 different countries.

This range of experience means that GWT has a tremendous depth in knowledge using treatment wetlands for different waste types (domestic to industrial), ranging from small- to large-scale projects, in a variety of climates (desert, tropical, cold and temperate) all over the world.

Global Wetland Technology (GWT) is an association, currently registered in France, of the world's leading experts in the design, construction and operation of wetland treatment systems. The association includes the following companies:

  • AKUT (Germany)
  • ARM (United Kingdom)
  • EpurNature (France)
  • IRIDRA (Italy)
  • Naturally Wallace Consulting (United States)
  • Orbicon (Denmark)
  • Regelsberger Bureau (Austria)
  • Rietland (Belgium)
  • Rotaria do Brasil (Brazil)
  • SINBIO (France)

GWT was created by individuals who were pioneers in the wetland treatment field, contributing to the collective body of information now termed "constructed wetlands". By combining the results of their individual research and development efforts, GWT's founders realized they could greatly expand knowledge within the field and provide highly customized cost-effective wetland solutions for their clients.



The IWA Specialist Group on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control is organizing two new online events of YWP career pathways series where established professionals of the field will share their experiences and views on career opportunities in the wetland world.

21st of September at 2:00 pm (CEST), Gabriela Dotro (Senior Researcher at Cranfield University), Link

15th November at 1:30 pm (CET), Scott Wallace (CEO Naturally Wallace - GWT founding member), Link