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Foissac 650 P.E.

2-stage vertical flow reed bed filter treating raw domestic sewage (French system) with a capacity of 650 P.E. Treated effluent goes through a filtering ditch and is rejected into the river Bourdic.

Additional Info

  • In operation since: 2011
  • Type of wastewater treated: Domestic
  • Hydraulic load: 153 m³/day
  • Organic load (PE): 650 PE
  • Organic design load (kg BOD/day): 39
  • Location: Foissac (Gard)
  • Client: Municipality
  • Stage 1 type: French system
  • Stage 1 surface area (m²): 780
  • Stage 2 type: Vertical flow, unsaturated
  • Stage 2 surface area (m²): 520
  • Needs:

    Cost-effective and sustainable wastewater treatment plant for domestic effluent well integrated into the landscape and protecting local environment.

  • Solution:

    2 vertical flow reed bed filters treating raw sewage (French system) followed by a filtering ditch before reject into the river. Feeding of the second stage with a self-priming siphon.

  • Benefits:

    This plant preserves the environment and offers good performances of treatment : SS 35 mg/l, COD 120 mg/l, BOD5 25 mg/l, TKN 40 mg/l. The treated water rejected into the river is of good quality.

    Design and build : Epur Nature. Established : 2011.

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