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SINBIO is a company of consulting engineers in the fields of wastewater treatment, ecological engineering, and the restoration and management of aquatic environments.  

SINBIO is incorporated as an SARL (company with limited liability), with a capital of 37800 €; registered in Colmar, France, under the number 389 704 388.

In 2011, the annual TO of SINBIO was 2.2 M€ in consulting fees. 

SINBIO brings together the skills of over twenty of water professionals and environmentalists: ecologists, water engineers, agronomists, hydro-biologists, and specialists in water treatment, in biological engineering and in environmental engineering.

In 2011, the workforce of SINBIO was 26 persons, with 16 engineers, 7 other technical staff and 3 administrative staff. 

SINBIO offers its services of consulting, design and supervision of construction works in the following fields: 

Ø  Sanitation and waste water treatment: sewer networks and sewage treatment plants, with a specialization in natural systems,

Ø  Stormwater management: integrated solutions and treatment

Ø  Restoration and maintenance of water courses

Ø  Valorization of the natural environment, biological and ecological engineering

Ø  Creation of recreational amenities with water


SINBIO’s objectives:

Ø  To meet the needs of communities, administrative services and of the entire civil society in the field of environmental management. 

Ø  To provide reliable and effective solutions tailored to the problems encountered and the stakes. 

Ø  To promote and develop innovative techniques respectful of the ecosystems (stabilization of river embankments with plants, natural treatment of waste water and storm water..) 


SINBIO’s missions:   

Ø  Expertise and consulting

Ø  Feasibility studies, diagnostics 

Ø  Development of projects and plans of management

Ø  Project design and supervision of construction sites

Ø  Training

Availability, experience, competence, innovation, motivation and pragmatism, such are the principles that lead SINBIO to propose the best solutions adapted to the requirements of each project.

SINBIO works in close partnership with Dirk ESSER, associate consultant of SINBIO and director of SINT, and benefits from the results of research carried out by this company.  In fact, Dirk ESSER is one of the pioneers in the development of reed bed filters in France. Dirk ESSER plays a dual role as expert and conducts research and development for SINBIO, which allows our customers to access the latest innovations in constructed wetlands.

For example, our research has focused recently on: 

Ø  Improving the performance of reed bed filters plants in wastewater treatment (treatment of phosphorus and nitrogen); 

Ø  The use of reed bed filters for 

o   The treatment of sewage sludge and septage ;

o   The treatment of landfill leachate (ongoing research project).

o   The treatment of surface water runoff and CSO’s (ongoing research project).


SINBIO presented papers on the international conferences on urban drainage Novatech 2004, 2007 and 2010.

SINBIO is one of the three laureates of last year’s call for projects of the French Ministry of the Environment in the field of innovative demonstration projects in ecological engineering, in the frame of the French Biodiversity call for projects, for the construction of a demonstration constructed wetland for post-treatment of the Reims metropolitan waste water treatment plant (460 000 p.e.).  

In 2007 SINBIO acquired the operational consulting and engineering activity of SINT which resulted in the fusion of the teams, the means and the know-how of the SINT with that of SINBIO, in the areas which were part of her experience and recognized know-how, and in particular the design of reed bed filters for the treatment of various effluents. We thus can claim over 350 references in design and construction of reed bed filters. 


Computer equipment (1 central server wiht replicates to the various agencies via high-speed Internet, work to distance (TSE), outsourced backup, anti-virus protection (6 workstations CAD, 11 office PC, 14 notebook PC

4 HP plotters Designjet A0 series: 450, 500, 510 and 800 1 plotter HP Designjet A1: 110 series 9 color inkjet printers A3 or A4 2 color laser copiers MINOLTA, series CF 2002 and C252 for prints and scan A3 4 projectors

20 Digital Cameras 4 Garmin handheld GPS GPSAMP 60CSx, WAAS enabled, precision < 5m, compatible Georeferencing - SIG, waterproof to work on water courses 1 GPS Mapping Geo XT V6, precision GPS TRIMBLE, Precision 50cm in post processing on the Code and < 1m in real time

Level 1 digital Leica Sprinter 100M and 3 Level opto-mechanical LEICA NA20 4 tests of measures of the infiltration on the sand (Grant method) various material necessary to seizures of land (odometer, probe piezometric head …)

1 inflatable canoe and 20 company cars


SINBIO is certified OPQIBI, the French body of Qualification for Consultant Engineering.

SINBIO is present on the internet through his website