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SIA du Pays d'Albon

Treatment of aerobically stabilized sewage sludge from an activated sludge plant (“extended aeration”) – 13 000 p.e.

Wastewater syndicate  «SIA du Pays d’Albon», Drôme  (26)

Put into operation in 2004 – first bed desludged in 2012 – over 40 % of DM content at first desludging in September 2012

The « SIA Albon » is an activated sludge sewage treatment plant for a population of 13 000 inhabitants. It receives sewage from houses and industries from four villages including Albon.

Sludge is extracted from the aeration tank and dehydrated on 8 Phragmicompostage® reed beds of 3750m2 in total. Sludge then becomes more solid (over 30% dry matter) and easier to make use of

Additional Info

  • Hydraulic load: m³/day
  • Organic load (PE): PE
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